2017 – 2018 Season Outlook

Last season was very difficult because we didn’t accomplish our goal of getting to the State Tournament.

Now, we begin a new season with the same goal; Get to the State Tournament.

Winning the “Conference Championship” is still important, but it’s not our primary goal. Our Women’s Basketball Program has been to the “State Tournament” in six of the past ten years. There has only been one other team in the state who has been there more than we have during that span of time. It say’s a great deal about the players who have come thru our program. These are young ladies who know what it means to put on the Ram uniform. They understand the commitment that is asked of them in the classroom and on the basketball court. Our Basketball Program is not for everyone. But, if you’re the type of Student / Athlete who has a “Team First” attitude, places an importance on academics, and will give nothing short of your best effort on the court, then Fresno City College is the Basketball Program for you.

This year’s team will be quite different from last year in that we’re much quicker and deeper (barring injuries).  Once again, I was fortunate to have recruited the best players in the San Joaquin Valley. We have an excellent combination of returning sophomores to go along with our incoming freshmen. It now becomes the role of the sophomores to help the freshmen understand how hard we expect them to play, both in practice and in the games. Giving your best effort is not something we hope for, it’s an expectation. In order to become a special team you must have talent, great team chemistry, and a tremendous work ethic. As I do every year, I believe our team can develop into a “Special Team”.

Our style of play will continue to be 40 minutes of continuous offensive and defensive pressure. Never allowing the opponent a second to relax is something we pride ourselves on. Diving on the floor for every loose ball, going after every rebound, and sprinting up and down the floor is a requirement when playing on our basketball team.

Lastly, it becomes very important our team realize the effort our opponent will give each and every night. Because of our past success and reputation, teams always play their best against us. Every game in conference seems to be a rivalry game in the eyes of our opponent. That is why I tell our team we have no rival. I want them to treat each game in the same manner. It’s always been our mentality to focus on what we do, rather than worry about our opponent. But, we also treat each opponent with equal respect.

Hopefully, this will be another memorable season for the Fresno City College Women’s Basketball Team. Those of you who come out to watch us will be entertained by the way we play the game. I also know you’ll be proud of the way we act, both on and off the court.

I look forward to seeing all of you this upcoming season.

~Coach Tessler